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Vacation Homes Surge

October 17, 2014

If the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2014 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey is any indication, the expression “Selling like hotcakes” could easily be replaced with “Selling like vacation homes.” According to NAR, vacation home sales jumped 29.7 percent to an … Continue reading

Housing Market Softening Up for First-Time Homebuyers

October 10, 2014

Housing is experiencing a slight hiccup as the national market struggles to keep stable momentum. However, that’s not necessarily bad news when considering the prospects of homeownership and which markets might be better for your purchase. The most recent reading from Freddie … Continue reading

Federal Government Releases New Reverse Mortgage Guide

October 4, 2014

There’s a wealth of information on reverse mortgages available to consumers today, and it can be found in all sorts of places. Some academic institutions, such as the Boston College Center for Retirement Research and The Ohio State University, have … Continue reading